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Material Listing Solutions is the brain child of Jerry Dollar, Jr., an Operating Engineer with Local 513 in St. Louis. His more than 20 years construction industry experience ranges from residential to commercial, including highways and infrastructure. He has worked on railroad expansion, an Air Force Base, and the Bakken Oil Pads. Jerry is especially proud to have helped build the new Busch Stadium for the St. Louis Cardinals and the best fans in baseball.

During his career, Jerry has witnessed improvements in equipment and standards from cabless tractors, steering clutches and cables to electronics, pilot controls, and GPS. The industry has evolved, but until now, still lagged in material management. Production used to be delayed while superintendents and foremen scrambled to find what they needed or made do with what they could find. Sometimes materials that would be useful right around the corner were hauled hours away.

Some jobs balance out, but often contractors must remove or acquire materials. Jerry’s idea to link contractors and job sites online came in a eureka moment more than ten years ago. He worked with developers to build a prototype and watched for the right time in the industry’s technology adoption.

Material Listing Solutions connects contractors with others nearby. All of your material needs can now be accessed in one convenient location. Tap your mobile device to let contractors in your area know what you need or list the materials you have available. It’s that simple.

Dear friends,
As this is a brand new web-site and the efficiency and productivity is determined by the number of listings posted by you, please feel free to contact any or all of your known contacts with information pertaining to the site. The more listings we have, the better access you have to the work in your area. Being new and just starting out, it may take a little time to get the listings on here necessary to help increase your production. There are so many contractors and trucking companies in the state, I want to make sure I can reach out to them all. If you have e-mails of contacts and would prefer that I contact them myself, please send them to and I will be happy to reach out to them. I have the highest confidence that this site will prove to be an invaluable tool for the present and for the future of our industry.

Jerry Dollar, Founder